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About Us

We have made it our mission to recycle scrap metals environmentally friendly as well as economically successful for a sustainable reuse. Our recycling services are playing a major role in assuring that secondary raw materials are professionally returned to the economic cycle.

Quality Management

In order to ensure both uniform and defined quality for our customers all outgoing material is subject of an internal quality management process. Therefore, we use X-ray fluorescence analyses for quick material identifications and are equipped with a spectrometer with spark excitation under argon gas for detailed analyses. This enables us to determine all alloying elements.

Material Sorting and Treatment

Every incoming material is subject of a detailed examination and if necessary, we will conduct a professional sorting and selective treatment.


We are serving our customers nationally and internationally from our site in Franken (Bavaria, Germany).


We are not only your reliable and financial robust partner, but also your certified partner in all matters concerning scrap metal recycling. 

Delivery and Collection Conditions

Please note our delivery and collection conditions.